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Oct 1, 2012 11:00pm EDT
interested in foreign policy and even issues like the defense budget? and that's why issues like that and the onces we don't know about that make me wary of all these straight line projections we're make in the future based on what things look like right now. >> anyone want to address the point? >> which point? >> the point about . >> pick on any of the points. i meant the point about iran and the likely hood we would enter in to military action there regardless of who wins. [inaudible] >> question from the audience? >> yes, sir. front row. >> microphone approaching you from the left. governor romney said he wants to create 12 million jobs during his term, that's 250,000 jobs a month. in the past, the u.s. has always been an exporter. and that was what created jobs. how do you see his promise of creating 12 million jobs in four years? >> unlikely. [laughter] >> okay. that's one view. anybody want to elaborate on that? >> look, i think we are in a completely different, you know, job market. we're about -- a few weeks during the convention which is bill clinton lineback in 1990 if
Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
. >> anything else you would like to tell us that the defense committee would be helpful if we knew? >> all i would say is, you know, coming out from it in sitting here, back in london and not having access to all the things come you are driven by a perception of what is going on by the media. and i do think we are going to have some pretty difficult times ahead, that there's going to be corruption scandals and all of that, but i don't see anything that i've seen in the last year sufficiently bad to derail this strategy. and i do think we've got the right policy in terms of the time to go. we could come out earlier. he could come out earlier and in greece the risk. the corollary of that ip is listed under would be more likely. i don't think that's true. i think there comes a point where you've outlived your usefulness and coming out in an orderly a fashion by the end of 2014 will tip the balance. i think the taliban will find it difficult to sustain an insurgent the against the people when we remove their excuse they are fighting and that will tip the balance. so however difficult it is, it i
Oct 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
cheering on all the athletes of team gb. [applause] why would a party that claims to be less defensive turn the back on the redistribution that solidarity the common bonds of the united kingdom. friends, it is up to us, it is up to us, we the labour party must be the people who fight, defend and win the battle of the unit united kingdom. [applause] [applause] and after the united kingdom i.t., there no more important area of the common life than the national -- [inaudible] [applause] the national health service. the magic of the national health service for me, that you don't leave your credit card at the door. the national health service based on a whole different set of values. a whole different set of values that the people of britain love. not to market, money, and exchange. not value to competition, care, and corporation that is why the british people love the national health service. i'm afraid they have shown in government as something they just don't understand. remember before the last election, remember those air brush poster, to protect the nhs with the picture of david cameron. r
Sep 27, 2012 11:00pm EDT
of weeks, we will be hosted by department of defense at air force base. the thought here as to get out and see what is happening across aerospace, whether it's education or whether it's a different facets of aviation as we talk about these issues. it is engaged and committed and would certainly remiss if i didn't bank our set chair over the course of the past two years, tom hendrix who has since moved on and also steve brown for their tremendous work and literally hundreds of volunteers working on workgroups and task groups as early as with margaret chan and i'd like to also thank andy stabile of with his help over the years. not just as members are engaged in our work, we've been very pleased with the knowledge and level of engagement with administrator michael huerta, first as official while serving as a deputy administrator, michael has become even more, not less active in our work since been elevated to the role of acting administrator. the disinterest of working closely with the aviation community, i am confident in our ability to overcome barriers to implementing nextgen. you com
Oct 4, 2012 11:00pm EDT
might find the defensive marriage act which determines that same-sex coupleses are not quited to federal benefits unconstitutional when it goes to you could you vote in the affirmative for a justice that mighters are vow v wade. menendez: i'm not going have a test like that. i had experience helping to nominate judges, confirming judges to the state peer your court and the state supreme court as a member of the judiciary and the member of the state senate. i'm going to look to nominees for the intelligent, their experience, for their predispositions to not legislate from the bench, and look to nominees of the president of either party and treat them fairly. as i have in the past. >> moderator: senator. glen i agree with my opponent the various elements is very important to anyone who wants to be a diswruj or justice of the supreme court. certainly intelligent, temperament, experience, observe of the rule of law, precedent. but the supreme court is the final word of what is the law of the land. and so therefore yeah, i don't want see more just is schee ya who say discrimination against wo
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5